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The Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine is a leading provider of sports medicine and rehabilitation services including physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, custom orthotics and custom made braces. We are centrally located at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto.

5 Broadway Ave. Suite 105, Toronto On. M4P 1T7 Phone: 416.4801460  Fax: 416.4800074

Midtown Yonge and Eglinton

Useful Sports Medicine Links and Information for Patients

Patient Booking Information


Patients who are interested in booking an appointment are requested to call our office at 416 480 1460.

Registration information for new or returning patients:

For your convenience we have provided a patient registration form and billing policy form which should be downloaded printed, filled out and brought in for your first appointment.

  • For new or returning patients who have not been to our centre for over six months or for those whose contact details, medical condition or medications have changed, please download and complete a new registration form and bring it in with you for your upcoming appointment. This will help us save you time during your upcoming appointment.

  • Note: You are required to carry your health card with you as we may request that you present it at any time.

download patient registration form

  • For detailed information about our billing policies and procedures please download this form. You may print and fill the form out prior to your first appointment and bring it with you so that your registration process will be expedited.

Physiotherapy Billing Policies

Patient information on Orthopedic Conditions


Information for patients on common orthopedic conditions

Exercise Information for Patients


  •  For patients interested in knowing a bit more about their exercise or rehabilitation program, here is a link to a website with exercise and anatomical descriptions.

anatomy and exercise demonstration

What is a sport medicine physician? 


  • The following provides some general information about the skills and activities of a sport medicine physician. Sport medicine is a new field and is still changing. The skills and interests of different physicians may vary widely. In addition, Dr. Hakoun has interests in the mind body connection with respect to optimal health and performance.

What is a sport mediciine phsysician?

Sports injury prevention and treatment information


  • Stop sports injuries is an excellent website providing resources to physicians patients and coaches on sports injuries, prevention and treatment.

Sports Injuries website

Head injury in sports / sport concussion


  • Head injury in sport sometimes referred to as sport concussion is unfortunately quite common. A head injury can consist of a minor blow or sudden acceleration or deceleration type injury of the head followed by minimal symptoms which the athlete and coach may feel do not prohibit continuted participation.
  • Over the last decade a plethora of scientific evidence has indicated that athletes are at risk of significant and at times permanent brain injury after minor trauma. It is imperitive that all head injuries be examined by a doctor before an athlete is allowed to return to activity.
  • The link below provides a quick field assessment tool to determine whether an athlete may have suffered a head injury or sport concussion. If there is any uncertainty, obtain a medical opinion and keep the athlete out of activity until then.
  • There is much more information available on the website stop sport injuries which you can access through the link above.
  • As of September 2013 all Ontario students are required to be appropriately assessed and treated for suspected or actual concussions. There are requirements for returning to classes and to physical activities which have to be met. Parents are required to have these forms completed. These forms can be accessed at:

OPHEA Guidelines/ forms and requirements for head injuries and concussions

Breathing exercises for relaxation and health


  • Many individuals are under constant low grade stress without knowing it. Altered breathing patterns often indicate that this is so. Appropriate management of stress is very important for complete health. Appropriate diaphragmatic breathing is one way of lowering the effects of stress on the body. This program is designed help you with breathing and relaxation strategies while at work. You can program it to pop up at regular intervals to check on your breathing during the day. You will need some preliminary assessment and training to ensure that you are breathing properly and do not hyperventilate while using this program. Do not initiate self treatment without contacting us or speaking with your doctor. Click on the link named breathing coach below, download the file and unzip. Follow the directions in the unzipped folder.

Download computerized breathing coach