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sports medicine clinic torontoYour search for dependable sports medicine and physiotherapy services starts with the Toronto Centre for Sport Medicine & Preventative Health Limited. From aquatic therapy and knee braces to total joint replacement, our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional patient services, working on issues related to sports injuries, arthritis, neck pain, and back pain.

Our team’s goal is to maximize functioning for all of our patients. We can accomplish this by working hard to be one of the best sports medicine and rehab clinics in the community.  We were started by Dr. Jack Hakoun, a professional who has more than 32 years of experience providing sports medicine services in Toronto, as well as places like Israel. The difference between Dr. Hakoun and other sports medicine specialists is that he addresses both the physical and emotional issues that may affect an individual and their condition.

Are you ready to meet with our doctors and start healing? Our sports medicine clinic in Toronto provides services that are covered by OHIP. We provide custom services, working hard to repair your injuries and help you get back to what you love most – playing sports. Call us at (844) 519-8539 for more information about our services or make an appointment.

Treatment for Arthritis of the Knee in Toronto

Arthritis of the knee is a very common condition and on of the most common causes of pain and disability around the world. Arthritis of the knee when not further specified, usually implies osteoarthritis rather than rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory joint conditions. Over the years many ideas with respect to arthritis of the knee have become accepted among the general public and even doctors. The general thinking is that arthritis of the knee is a normal process of aging and also due to excessive body weight. More importantly many people think that there is not much that can be done with respect to arthritis of the knee until the knee become so dysfunctional or painful that a total knee replacement is necessary.

This line of thinking cannot be further from the truth. There are two main problems with this very common approach. The first problem is that people are unnecessarily dealing with pain and disability. The second problem is that people tend to become less active because of their pain leading to a worsening of their arthritic condition and a general decline in fitness and health.

There are many non surgical and non drug treatments available for arthritis of the knee which can eliminate pain and increase function as well as prolong the life of the arthritic knee. The effective treatments for arthritis of the knee include comprehensive physiotherapy, custom made orthotics and insoles, glucosamine/chondroitin supplements, hyaluronic acid injections and osteoarthritis unloading knee braces.

Not all knees are the same and not all treatments will work for each knee. A detailed assessment of each patient is required to put together a plan of approach that will be successful. At the Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine, Dr. Jack Hakoun has been treating arthritis of the knee for 32 years and has incorporated all of the latest effective approaches to osteoarthritis of the knee. It is not uncommon for people to come into the Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine believing that they need a knee replacement and leave on the same day with an improved ability to walk and with much less pain. These people can often delay knee surgery for years or never have the need for surgery. Their pain is significantly reduced or eliminated and their functional activity and strength are improved. Less pain, improved function and improved health without surgery.