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Why You Should Choose Custom Orthotics

As an active individual, there are a variety of biomechanical issues in the feet and lower extremities that can stop you from getting out and enjoying yourself and keeping fit. These problems can even give you knee, hip, and back pain! Instead of suffering, you should investigate whether custom orthotics from The Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine & Preventative Health Limited will help your condition. When you choose our orthotics in Toronto, you’ll receive the following benefits:

The Right Orthotics – When you purchase off-the-shelf orthotics, you may not be getting the right option for your foot.  Also, the counter orthotics are not covered by your private health plan. When you come to us, we will take your history into consideration and do a full physical exam before prescribing and dispensing your orthotic. Custom made orthotics are covered by most extended health plans.

Make Observations and measurements– Our team will be able to speak with you about your problems and make the necessary adjustments using the latest technology. If your orthotics are not performing as they should, we are proud to offer a money-back guarantee.

An Experienced Doctor – Dr. Jack Hakoun has had more than 33 years of experience working with orthotics. This means he is experienced in biomechanical assessments, performing laser 3D scans, foam casts, force plate analysis and analyzing your running technique when applicable.

Are you ready to solve your foot, knee hip or back problems with a custom orthotic?  Contact The Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine & Preventative Health Limited and discover more information about our orthotic services.

The Right Knee Brace for Your Needs

Custom Knee Brace Toronto | TorontoCentreforSportsMedicine.comWhen you are dealing with a knee problem, whether due to a knee ligament tear, arthritis of the knee or instability, it can be hard to decide on the right knee brace for your specific problem. Fortunately for you, the team at The Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine & Preventative Health Limited is here to assist you.  We have over 32 years of experience fitting knee braces. Take a look at some of the selections we have available:

ACL and PCL Tear Braces – Get back in the game and pivot with confidence with one of these great custom braces. We can provide you with a custom brace from a variety of brands in custom colors.

Arthritis Unloading Knee Braces – Osteoarthritis occurs in at least 50% people over the age of 50, as well as highly in active individuals with a history of a significant knee injury. We offer knee braces for arthritis with selections that can cover a wide array of needs, such as combination arthritis and ACL or PCL derotation braces, which are covered by extended health benefits.

Off-the-Shelf Options – If you are not covered for custom knee braces, do not worry! We offer off-the-shelf selections for knee ligament tears and osteoarthritis for a price that will fit your budget.

Take the stress out of deciding on which knee brace is best for you and come to The Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine & Preventative Health Limited when you are seeking a custom knee brace in Toronto. We are standing by to assist you today.