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4 Benefits of Acupuncture

sports physiotherapy TorontoAt Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine, we believe in the value and importance of acupuncture to help with sports physiotherapy in Toronto. Our physical therapists utilize acupuncture to help reduce both pain and inflammation as an alternative to medication. Below we have listed 4 benefits of acupuncture.

  1. Increases endorphins

Acupuncture helps reduce pain and inflammation by releasing endorphins into your body. Endorphins are the neurotransmitters that release positive and happy feelings to the brain during acupuncture.

  1. Blood Circulation

Acupuncture enables stimulation in the blood stream to allow proper circulation in the body by improving the path it takes for nutrients and oxygen to get to your cells.

  1. Physical Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists use acupuncture as a way to help with sports physiotherapy in Toronto. Acupuncture has been used a treatment to conditions such as sprains, strain, joint pain, back pain, and many more illnesses.

  1. Improve Chronic Pain

We utilize acupuncture to help relieve of our patients from chronic pain from conditions such as back pain, frozen shoulder, neck pain and more.

If you are experiencing chronic pain or other conditions, contact the specialists at Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine at (844) 519-8539 to help find a treatment plan that best fits your needs.

Common Cycling Pain Issues

Sports Therapy Toronto | TortontoCentreforSportsMedicine.comIt doesn’t matter if you are a competitive cyclist or someone who just loves to ride for fun, there are a myriad of injuries cyclist face. Here are some of the common issues:

Knee Pain – Many cyclists have to deal with knee pain issues. This is perhaps one of the most common injuries and it often has something to do with incorrect foot positioning. Once it starts, it is hard to get rid of the problems. You may need to see a specialist to talk to them about getting special insoles for your biking shoes.

Hand Pain – Do you find yourself having issues with tingling or numbness in your hands after riding your bicycle for long stretches of time? You may have a problem with ulnar neuropathy. This problem may be related to your riding position and could be remedied by wearing a pair of gloves.

Overtraining Syndrome – When you push your body beyond its ability, you are overtraining yourself. It’s vital for anyone who is increasing their training volume to spend some time allowing their body to properly recover. You need to be cautious of your training regimen and see a specialist if you are having trouble getting back on track.

For comprehensive sports therapy in Toronto, Dr. Jack Hakoun and his team at the Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine & Preventative Health Limited are here to help you. Contact our office today to learn more about our services for cyclists.

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine Toronto | TorontoCentreforSportsMedicine.comHas your primary care doctor advised you to visit a sports medicine specialist? Many people have not heard of these specialists and want to learn more. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or just a regular person who may have injured themselves while exercising, a sports medicine specialist can assist you with your injuries.

When you see a sports medicine doctor, you are a seeing a doctor that has been trained to specifically help issues that affect active people. Not only do they provide services to professionals, these doctors are also available to help people who love to work out, kids who may have hurt themselves while at play, and workers who have to be active all day long, such as construction workers. These doctors focus on a wide array of issues, such as muscle cramps, ACL problems, concussions, and ankle injuries. Not only do they provide you with medicine, they also assist with therapy programs and special accessories to help you be active again, like knee braces and custom orthotics for your feet.

Whether you have specific questions about sports medicine in Toronto or would just like to meet with Dr. Hakoun in person, you can rest assured that you will only receive quality information and excellent care from the Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine & Preventative Health Limited.