Common Cycling Pain Issues

Sports Therapy Toronto | TortontoCentreforSportsMedicine.comIt doesn’t matter if you are a competitive cyclist or someone who just loves to ride for fun, there are a myriad of injuries cyclist face. Here are some of the common issues:

Knee Pain – Many cyclists have to deal with knee pain issues. This is perhaps one of the most common injuries and it often has something to do with incorrect foot positioning. Once it starts, it is hard to get rid of the problems. You may need to see a specialist to talk to them about getting special insoles for your biking shoes.

Hand Pain – Do you find yourself having issues with tingling or numbness in your hands after riding your bicycle for long stretches of time? You may have a problem with ulnar neuropathy. This problem may be related to your riding position and could be remedied by wearing a pair of gloves.

Overtraining Syndrome – When you push your body beyond its ability, you are overtraining yourself. It’s vital for anyone who is increasing their training volume to spend some time allowing their body to properly recover. You need to be cautious of your training regimen and see a specialist if you are having trouble getting back on track.

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