Below is a collection of useful sports medicine information and links for Doctors

Patient Referral Information

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Sports Medicine Physician

Sports Injury Prevention is a great website to consult with respect to information on preventing sports injuries. There are very useful resources available for physicians and patients available on the site. We often refer patients to this site to gain a better understanding of their injuries and their treatment.

Useful Head Injury Resources

The science and practical management of head injury in sports is continuously evolving. There is ample evidence indicating potentially significant and permanent deficits in athletes with minor head injuries especially if allowed to go back too early. The links below will provide the physician with useful information on how to recognize and assess a head injury or sports concussion when to send a player back to activity as well as general information regarding head injuries.


Several International Conferences on concussion in sports have been the basis for current concussion treatment and updates. The latest is the 5th International conference on concussion in sport held in Berlin, October 2016. The current concussion assessment tool is the SCAT 5  for those athletes 13 years and older. For athletes 5-12 years of age, the child SCAT 5  has been developed.

Further guidelines for a pediatric concussion can be found at pediatric sport concussion guidelines.

Both the Child SCAT 5 and  SCAT 5 tools are available for online completion.

You may also find valuable information on head injury and concussion in sports by visiting the StopSportsInjury website.

In September 2013 OPHEA (Ontario Physical Education Safety Association) developed a strategy and regulations for dealing with a concussion in students involved in sports in Ontario. The new regulations and forms which must be completed prior to being allowed to return to classes or physical activities can be accessed at:

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