Getting Down to the Root Cause

Ever wonder why many medical organizations and associations use the symbol of a snake on a staff for their logo? If you check the Bible in Numbers 21-9 you will see that G-d told Moses to make a fiery serpent and put in on a pole to heal those who had been bitten by snakes in the desert sent to punish them for complaining of their situation.  They would be healed by looking at the snake.   These individuals were bitten because they acted in an evil way by complaining about their condition in the desert.  Evil speech is often associated with the snake.  Why would a copper snake heal the condition associated with it?

 Well the lesson here is that when you are sick or injured you have to connect with root cause to completely heal from the condition and prevent recurrences. Getting to the root cause of sports medicine problems is essential for physiotherapy and other treatment interventions such as custom foot orthotics and custom made or over the counter braces to work effectively.

At the Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine, we are often assessing patients who have not responded to programs of physical rehabilitation or who have received orthotics or braces at other facilities . The most common reason for lack of response is that the  underlying cause was not dealt with initially. Many people come to us without a diagnosis despite having had extensive treatment and interventions.

The story of the snake on the pole and the use of this symbol by many medical organizations reminds us to always search for the underlying cause as the best approach to treating an illness.