Physical therapy involves the use of physical means to provide treatment for a wide variety of physical and medical conditions. The physiotherapy modalities used may range from stretching, physical strengthening, massage and passive modalities such as acupuncture, ultrasound, interferential current and Laser treatments. The Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine offers unparalleled sports physiotherapy to Toronto and surrounding communities.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists, such as our sports medicine specialists in Toronto, are commonly known to provide physical rehabilitation for traumatic injuries as well as overuse injuries and chronic conditions such as arthritis. Outside of the sports medicine field, physiotherapists also provide physical rehabilitation for medical conditions including heart and lung disease and various neurologic conditions including stroke. Physiotherapy also involves education to help resolve the various conditions treated and to prevent recurrences.

The registered physical therapists at our Toronto sports medicine clinic hold degrees from universities which offer physical therapy training. Physiotherapists are regulated by their local regulatory bodies such as the Ontario Physiotherapy Association.

At the Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine, our physiotherapists are backed by our sports medicine doctor, providing patients comprehensive physical rehabilitation which combines the expertise of several rehabilitation professionals. When you are looking for dependable care for individuals who have spent many years working in the sports medicine field, you can rest assured that our team is ready and willing to care for you.

Our sports medicine specialists in Toronto work together to diagnose and plan an effective and efficient recovery for a wide range of conditions ranging from acute injuries such as ankle sprains to chronic overuse and postural issues and arthritis.

Physical therapy is billed according to the recommended fees set by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and are covered by extended health plans. Direct billing for physical therapy can be arranged for you if available through your private health plan.  Our physiotherapists strive to provide optimum treatment to all patients and will adjust your physical rehabilitation program to take into account the time and expense needed to reach your goal.

Call our Toronto sports medicine clinic today now for more information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about receiving sports physiotherapy in Toronto.