When Physiotherapy is Not Helping

We see patients who have been referred to us for lack of progression with their physiotherapy program performed elsewhere. Generally you should notice an improvement in your condition over any two-week period. No improvement over two weeks indicates that there may be something wrong with your program. Here is a checklist we use to determine why you may not have seen improvement in your condition with your current physical rehabilitation program.

Did the you have a specific diagnosis? Who made the diagnosis, a sports medicine doctor or physical therapist? Was your diagnosis based on any special tests such as x-rays ultrasound or MRI?

How often did you attend therapy and for how long? Did you perform the required exercises appropriately and with the prescribed frequency?

Does your program include hands on treatment and exercises or only passive modalities such as ultrasound, interferential current, laser and some exercises? Were you treated by a registered therapist or a physiotherapy assistant?

Did you refrain from activities that aggravate your condition?

Without a diagnosis only symptoms are being treated. By not performing the prescribed exercises you most likely will not progress. If you do not have a comprehensive physiotherapy program including hands on treatment your treatment may be lacking essential components. By participating in aggravating activities you are setting back your recovery.

If your physiotherapy program has not resulted in an improvement of your condition a review  of these factors and your condition is recommended.