Who is an Athlete?

While everyone seems to be watching the Olympic athletes compete, some of us may think just how far from being an athlete we are. This could not be further from the truth. Although the Olympics and professional sports competitions get a lot of publicity the underlying notion in sports medicine is that an athlete is someone to tries their best. If you take money out of the picture, that is what is left and what constitutes the root of the athlete. Winning is only part of it. To many athletes, winning is performing at their personal best.   We are not all created equal from the physical standpoint and therefore competition is already skewed. Competing against yourself to push your personal best to the next level is the ultimate competition and the source of the ultimate reward.

At the Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine we applaud all of our past current and future patients for their efforts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by including physical activity in their lives.

At the Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine, all of our patients are athletes.