Why Runners Prefer Custom Orthotics

Orthotics Toronto | TorontoCentreforSportsMedicine.comAs a runner, it’s vital that you take care of your feet. Custom orthotics are just one of the ways you can improve your running. Here are a handful of the reasons runners chose to run with custom orthotics:

Orthotics are Meant to Work with Your Shoes –Running shoes have come a long way with respect to technology to provide a light supportive yet cushioned interface between your feet and the running surface. Despite these advances, running shoes cannot do the entire job on their own. A good pair of running shoes works best with a custom made orthotic.

Orthotics can help treat or prevent many conditions including heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, runners knee, hip and back pain. No wonder they are so popular with runners. Runners do not like to be off their running program. Orthotics keep them in the race injury and pain free.

Better Than Over the Counter Selections – Over the counter orthotics are average estimates which do not address your specific needs with respect to orthotics and in some cases may cause strains or injuries. Have you ever purchased an over the counter orthotic insert? Most of these orthotics cannot maintain their structure with hand pressure meaning they will certainly not support your feet with your body weight applied to them.  Having custom orthotics means that you’ll have inserts that have been shaped and constructed for your running needs and body weight. We provide custom assessments and have a very high success rate.

Are you a runner looking for custom orthotics in Toronto? You can rest assured that The Toronto Centre for Sports Medicine & Preventative Health Limited can assist you!